Enhancing the beauty of your home.

Sunrise stresses excellence with every paver installation knowing that this is one of the first items the new homeowner sees.


  • We first grade the desired location to make sure it is as level as possible.
  • Next we place a layer of crushed aggregate and compact it to make sure we have a level and stable base to place the sand on.
  • The sand is placed next and we make sure it is level and smooth. This is a timely process done by hand.
  • Once this has been completed there can be no walking on the surface of the sand because it would compromise the integrity of the paver installation.
  • Pavers are then measured and set to provide the desired pattern and color chosen.
  • All pavers forming the edge of the desired work will be placed in concrete to insure there is no side to side movement which could cause the pavers to separate unexpectedly.
  • Finally we spread sand on top of all pavers and then run a plate compactor over the sand to force a little sand between the pavers while, at the same time, creating a firm bed for the pavers by pushing them deep into the sand bed.